Name That Trauma:: Mike J. on a Camera-shy Slasher Skit

I’ve got this vague, traumatic memory of a comedy skit from the early ’80s. It must’ve been on some network or cable special. It may have even been a skit on the show “Fridays” for all I know (I just know it wasn’t SNL).

It was a pre-taped skit parodying the holiday home movie cliche. Someone with a video camera is walking around, taping family members at a gathering. It’s, like, a big, extended Italian family’s celebration (maybe a birthday, or Christmas). Parents and uncles and grandmas are all waving to the camera and mugging. But there’s this one lady — I think she’s an aunt — who isn’t into it. She keeps shielding her face whenever the video camera catches her, saying she doesn’t want to be filmed. She gets progressively more annoyed as the other family members laugh about it, tell her to relax, etc. Finally, she gets so pissed she storms out of the party. But the next scene cuts to her running down the street, with the POV of the camera chasing her. She’s still waving her hands and screaming that she doesn’t want to be filmed, but now it’s like a slasher movie.

Then gets chased to the beach and runs into the ocean to escape the home movie camera. Then it cuts to her drowned body washing up on shore.

I remember it as being really funny and absurd, but dark enough that I’m still curous about it to this day.

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7 years ago

It is from a skit created by longtime Adult Swim writer Casper Kellyfrom for a faux family sitcom called “Too Many Cooks”

In recent Vulture article he explains his inspiration:

“It was a shower idea. I like that style of comedy like David Letterman when he’ll repeat something and then it’ll become annoying, and then it becomes funny again. Or Andy Kaufman would do that. I love that kind of humor, but I’ve never really tried anything like that. So I got that idea, but I didn’t think I could make it work for 11 minutes, but I told one of my co-workers and he told my boss Mike Lazzo at Adult Swim. He thought it was funny, but he said, ‘That’ll be good for four minutes and then you need to start zigging and zagging.'”