Name That Trauma: Nathan B. on Dead Truckers and a Devil Monster

Hey there! I’m on the hunt for a horror film that no one can seem to remember. A friend of mine pointed me in your direction to see if you could help me solve this mystery. I can give you what I remember which isn’t much but if you can’t help me, I’m gonna say it’s just a strange nightmare that’s stuck with me for 20 years for one reason or another.

So here’s what I remember from it, there’s a scene in a motel where a group of truckers are murdered and a girl discovers them. One of the guys is left with antlers put through his head. There’s another scene where a girl and a guy are walking down a dungeon-like corridor and hundreds of hands start grabbing at them. And the 3rd scene I remember has a weird red and pink room with a devil/LEGEND-esque monster standing in the center of it. Other than that it’s only blips of images and little things that are vague. I saw it once after school on SHOWTIME and I think it was made in the late 80’s, possible early 90’s but no later.

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