Name That Trauma:: OnlyChild1213 on Missing Faces, Materializing Eyes and a Mad Drug Boss

Hello All, it’s been entirely too long! Follower for – I can barely believe it – SEVEN years now, and I still wear my fantabulous white-with-green-trim Kindertrauma clown t-shirt proudly.

Three quick hits for you today, that have surfaced to haunt me here and there over the years:

1) Episode of what I’ve always thought was Macgyver, but now I’m doubting that, where I think there is an ongoing search for a missing girl, and there’s a painting of the girl and/or multiple photos of the girl that have the face cut out, and the perpetrator has all the missing faces or something.

2) Episode of, I think, the reboot of Outer Limits where there’s a TV that’s off but a set of female eyes and possibly lips that materialize in the dead TV screen.

Hmm… interesting that both of those have a female face or face-parts theme…

And now to completely veer away from that theme…

3) Gangster movie I saw my granddad watching one afternoon in the late eighties or early nineties (he’d sometimes watch a lot of Chuck Bronson and other vintage violent action stuff without enough regard for a little girl hanging around) and I think a drug boss or something was mad at his lackey and forced him to eat like a whole bag of cocaine (more gritty realistic suffering than horror, but still chilled tiny me).

Thanks! I love y’all!!


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4 years ago

#1 is definitely MacGyver. It was episode 65, “The Secret Of Parker House”. Penny Parker inherits a house from her aunt that appears to be haunted. Would have been about season 4 or so. 🙂

4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a fan of the site for many years now and I’m so excited because I think I can answer one of the questions that Onlychild 1213 asked.

It’s regarding question 3. I believe that this movie is 1978’s “The Wild Geese.” It’s a mercenary action picture that starred Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris. In one of the first scenes in the movie, Roger Moore gets hired by a drug dealer to deliver heroin. When Moore finds out what he’s carrying, he brings the drugs back to the dealer and his bodyguard. Moore tells the duo that he never pushes drugs and he watched a young girl die of an overdose because their drugs are contaminated. So he tells them that they each have to eat half of the bag of heroin Moore was carrying. He kills the henchman (when that guy goes for his gun) and then makes the punk dealer eat all of the heroin, telling him to “pour it down.” The dealer begins to retch and keels over dead. Moore then quips that he further poisoned the heroin with strychnine and that “a little suffering is good for the soul.”

It was a very high budget glossy film and had titles by Maurice Binder!

Thanks so much for running such a wonderful site. You can count on me to always return again and again!

Phil Smolen

4 years ago

Also, this is probably not what you’re looking for but the 80’s movie “Videodrome” (with Peter Weller and Debbie Harry of Blondie) had a scene with female eyes and lips on a blank TV screen.

4 years ago

Welp, that totally solves Numbers 1 and 3! Not too hung up on Number 2 since I wasn’t teeny tiny when I saw it, but T-T-B: thanks for reminding me that I’ve been meaning to finally watch Videodrome! Cheers!