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Name That Trauma:: Pete G. on a Backseat Psycho Premonition

May 24th, 2014 by unkle lancifer · 5 Comments

This has stuck with me for so long that it’s almost impossible to believe it ever existed! A short film I saw as part of a double feature in Scotland at the local cinema (maybe with When a Stranger Calls?) -late ’70s/early ’80s. The parts that stick most is that it is British, short and it’s about a woman who repeatedly “sees” or remembers a murder being committed, no one believes her and she is hospitalized. In the very end of the film it turns out to be a premonition of the murder of her own family by a psycho hiding in the back of the car. The film ends with her seeing a hand with a knife come up from the back seat as she stands horrified… Help me remember what this film was!


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6 years ago

Could it possibly be the anthology film Screamtime?

The second story sounds similar to what the poster was looking for.

M Kitka
M Kitka
6 years ago

PLEASE do a complete post just on the video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. I’d never seen it before and can only begin to plumb the depths of the strangeness… but something tells me you’ll be full of wisdom on this topic. 🙂