Name That Trauma:: Philip W. on a Detergent Demon

Love the site! Back in the late 70s, there was a commercial for a dishwashing detergent that featured an animated green monster that had a head reminiscent of Mr. Clean’s and who’s arms and legs were straight and ended in points. I suppose it was a representation of either caked-on food or the detergent itself – I don’t remember the finer points, being quite young. This commercial absolutely terrified me. Does anyone know what the detergent was?

UNK SEZ: Thanks Philip! I’m happy to say I know this one like the back of my hand! You are speaking of Kindertrauma’s arch nemesis “The Spotmaker”! That snidely goblin was the reluctant spokesperson for CALGONITE! You can find an earlier traumafession that includes a partial list of Spotmaker’s cinematic appearances HERE!

NOTE: It turns out that CALGONITE commercials are terrifying even without The Spotmaker….

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9 years ago

That “Double Action Calgonite” commercial:

Wow… just, wow.

9 years ago

I still fight that fiend every day!