Mad Monster Funhouse Part 2!

Dear friendly humans, how many of these monsters do you know? Can you name the titles of the movies they appeared in? One lucky commenter will win MAD MONSTER MAGAZINE issues 2 and 3!

Each fantastic issue sports a feature penned by yours truly! For more on MAD MONSTER check out this evil lair HERE! Good luck!

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lottie_of_millhaven (@lottie_of_millhaven)
8 years ago

6. Tremors(?)
9. Crawling Eye
10. Troll

popcornmonster (@popcornmonster)
8 years ago

3: The Unnameable
6: Blood Beach (me thinks)

Tim Tylor
Tim Tylor (@tim-tylor)
8 years ago

1. Definitely the unforgettable (and I’ve tried to forget) “Octaman.”
Can’t place 2., but I swear I’ve seen that guy on the original series Startrek…

EegahInc (@eegahinc)
8 years ago

1. Octaman
2. Without Warning
4. The Dark?
8. Leviathan

godmonster (@godmonster)
8 years ago

Drat! Already won before I got off work. That was a good Funhouse though. Thanks.