Name That Trauma :: Prospero of Caliban’s Revenge on an Aborted Burning

Prospero here from Caliban’s Revenge. Love your site and visit it every day and finally decided to see if you can help me figure this one out. When I was a kid, I caught this scene on T.V. in the early ‘70s:

A young girl (maybe 12) in ’50s or ’60s clothing is tied to a stake atop a pile of wood while a friend stands by. The girl tied at the stake is begging her friend to burn her at the stake, because she is sure she’s a witch. The horrified friend refuses, no matter how much the girl begs her.

The scene was played very seriously, with ominous music. I think my mother may have made me change the channel, because I have no idea what happened next. I don’t know if this was a scene from a movie or a T.V. show, but it’s stuck with me all these years. I would love to know what it’s from so I can maybe revisit it and see what happens next.

Keep up the great work!

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13 years ago

To me that sounds like something from “The Amanda Show”, but if it was serious then I’d suggest rooting around in the various dramas tagged with “burned at the stake” on IMDB –