Name That Trauma :: Reader Alison K. on an Imaginary Friend Named Scuzzbucket

Hey folks, I'm stumped as to what the heck I saw 16 years ago...

I was about 10, so in 1995 I was over a friend's house (the kind your mom never wanted you to go to, cuz they swore and watched crass films) and the friend was all 'Oh man, you've got to watch this film, 'Scuzzbucket!'. I only saw a few minutes of it, somewhere near the beginning.

This kid has an 'imaginary friend' or something, that looks like a cross between a beaver and a ghoulie. It would materialize layer by layer out of a bucket. So like, bones, then organs, tissue, etc (in that stop motion where they melt down wax then play it backwards sorta way). I remember that it was a practical joker, and smelled terrible by the reaction people got when it was 'lurking' around, and it would melt into the bucket before people would see it, so the kid got in trouble a lot. There was a lot of fart and burp gags for comic relief.

I think maybe the first time you see it 'gather up' it was in the kid's closet... I remember it being chanted it into existence or something?

Something tells me it was a feature film, as oppose to an episode in a series, but I could be wrong.

Other details; they had it on VHS, I don't think the official title was 'Scuzzbucket' - it was the name of the creature, and I live in Canada.

Please help, if my pals hear me talk about 'Scuzzbucket, the movie only Alison saw' one more time... I'll soon be drinking alone!

Thanks in advance,

Alison K.

UNK SEZ: Alison, it's time to surprise your friends with the news that you are not insane! The creature you are looking for is FUZZBUCKET, the title character of a 1986 TV production directed by MICK GARRIS (SLEEPWALKERS, THE STAND)! FUZZBUCKET was shown on THE DISNEY SUNDAY MOVIE and was a potential pilot for a series which never materialized. Something tells me that DISNEY may be trying to distance themselves from poor FUZZBUCKET as he was never made available for home viewing and was rarely rebroadcast. Check out the video below before it's buried in the vault forever by the information police! FUZZBUCKET lives!

Read More on FUZZBUCKET at the super great CAMP MOVIE CAMP!

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unkle lancifer
12 years ago

AJ just forwarded me this email from Alison confirming that it was indeed the Fuzzbucket!

"Yes! I mean, my 'scuzz' was scarier, but that's just fear mixing into the memory. The fact that Disney made it is terrifying though! Many thanks and a keg of Moosehead Beer to you and Unk!"


12 years ago

Hey! Thanks for the mention!

I hope the more people talk about Fuzzbucket, the more information on this gem surfaces.