Name That Trauma:: Reader Allison B. on a Brain-Flavored Ice Cream Eating Elevator Ghost

Hi Kindertrauma!

I’m looking for something that would have been on TV sometime between 1990 and probably 1998, although I’m not sure if it was originally a theatrical release or (more likely) a made-for-TV feature (I do know that it was a longer format than the 30-minute Are You Afraid of the Dark? series, for instance)… Anyhow, a girl moves into an old house or hotel with family members and gets to know a boy who hangs around. He seems to always be eating strawberry ice cream in a fancy-pants sort of dish with a long spoon. One of the big reveals is near the end of the film, when the boy turns out to have died there many decades before. He was a rich little brat who lived alone in a hotel room, and one day he fell down the elevator shaft and dashed his brains out at the bottom. As I recall, it turns out it was always vanilla ice cream, but when they found him his brains and blood had mixed with the ice cream to make it all pink and lumpy. Et voila: strawberry ice cream, which I’ve never been able to eat since.

I get the impression there were other ghosts that had seemed like guests, but the boy always stuck out because of that corny but effective ice cream gimmick. I’ve looked at Disney’s Tower of Terror (1997), and while it looks like a similar premise I really can’t find a rich boy with brain-flavored ice cream in the skimming I’ve done so far. Any ideas?


Allison B.

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Ryan Clark
8 years ago

Could it be ‘Bates Motel’?

Ryan Clark
8 years ago

Nevermind, I don’t think the Bates Motel ever had an elevator shaft. 😉

8 years ago

This Yahoo Answers entry says that it’s probably Goosebumps 2.05, “The Headless Ghost”: