Name That Trauma :: Reader Amy D. on a Tragic Tunnel


I’m wondering if anyone remembers this movie, I saw it when I was really little probably 5 or 6, I can remember this movie scaring me and it’s always been in the back of my mind but I can’t place it, it’s some kind of kids movie.

A girl is playing in her front yard, it’s back in time because she and her parents are wearing old fashioned clothes, dresses down to their ankles. Some men come across them and take them hostage, there’s a shoot out with the bad guys and the family inside and someone else outside. There’s a secret passage in the fireplace I think it was where you could climb into a tunnel. The father sneaks towards the secret opening and is shot, the mother rushes to him and is also shot, then the daughter rushes to the mother.

The next part I remember is one of the bad guys and the girl climbing into the tunnel, the girl runs away ahead of him and she suddenly screams and disappears from sight, I think it’s years later and there’s this mystery as to what happened to this girl.

My next memory is of another girl in modern time running down the same passage and falling but a guy catches her or pulls her up before she falls, they both look down and see the skeleton of the girl who fell years before, and I think the guy says something like now we know what happened to _________. He says her name I think. I’m pretty sure this was the end of the movie.

Any ideas? I can still very vividly remember the little girl falling while trying to escape and her parents being shot in the crossfire and collapsing. I would love to know the name of this movie. I’d appreciate any ideas. Thanks!

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! The unstoppable Senski got it with 1983’s MYSTERY MANSION!

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12 years ago

After a LOT of searching, I think this might be 1983’s Mystery Mansion.

unkle lancifer
12 years ago

Wow Senski, you amaze as usual… I found this in a review of Mystery Mansion on Imdb (thanks to you)

“They found a pit that at the bottom of contained the bones of the missing girl Rebecca. That is the one thing I remembered from the movie…”