Name That Trauma: Reader Amy on a Gal Named Rose Nailed to a Chair

Hello again

Awhile back kindertrauma helped my find a childhood trauma called MYSTERY MANSION, I have another one that is more recent that has me completely stumped.

I was about 8 or 9 at the time so around 1995, 1996 I think. I remember a man at home alone and I think some of the lights went off he came to a room in the house and saw someone standing there that spoke to him in a high pitched creepy voice that reminds me of the movie MILO. The man is chased through the house and is stabbed to death. I remember the man jerking on his feet with each stab and screaming then I think he fell through some glass.

The only other part I remember is a girl is nailed to a chair and a man is pulling the nails out. I think the girl was thought to be a guy named Richie throughout the movie and her real name is Rose, I think. The killer had her dressed as the boy Richie for some reason. I think the girl shoots the killer after he calls her Richie and she says my name is Rose and kills him. Anyone know if I’m remembering two separate movies or if this is one in the same?



UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Thanks to horrormommy for solving it with COLOR OF NIGHT!

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11 years ago

The movie is Color of Night starring Bruce Willis and Lesley Ann Warren.I remember that Rose is forced to be Ritchie by her brother, but I cannot remember why.I hope this helps you.

11 years ago

Both scenes are from Color of Night (1994 ).

Philip Mertz
11 years ago

Man, I remember recording it off of the Prism channel when I was 14 and just fast-forwarding through it to watch the sex scenes, but now I actually want to watch the whole movie!!
“I wanna get dressed-up, I wanna get dressed-up!”

11 years ago

finally there is one I know IMMEDIATELY, without thought, and ….. I am too late. Color of Night – it was creepy in its own right. Bruce was a total hottie in this tho.