Name That Trauma :: Reader Ben S. on a Mom, a Monster & a Jewel

First of all, thank you for your wonderful site! It’s like catnip for me.

I’ve been reluctant to submit this “Name That Trauma!,” because my memories of it are so bare bones and fragmented, and I’m not sure if I’ve made up parts of them (just like any good trauma!) But I figure that if anybody can help me find this movie, it’s somebody on your site.

I’m pretty sure that it was on HBO in the late ’80s or very early ’90s. It was in the afternoon, so it probably wasn’t rated R. I remember imagery of a mother and her baby in a house, a large diamond or other clear magic jewel (very SUPERGIRL-y), and a monster. In particular I remember a shot of a big, monstrous arm/hand with claws. The monster might have been after the baby or the diamond, or both?

Also, I think that there were shots taken from the monster’s point of view, and in these shots everything was bathed in greenish-yellowish-brownish hues. I remember looking it up in TV Guide and seeing that its genre was listed as “fantasy,” but I somehow forgot to retain (repressed?!) the title! Kindertrauma, can you help me?

All my best,

Ben S.

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! By Reader Ben S. no less! Turns out this trauma comes from 1982’s TIME WALKER!

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unkle lancifer
11 years ago

I’m surprised nobody has gotten this one- it sounded so familiar to me. All i could come up with is TROLL and I don’t remember a baby in that. The baby does ring a bell though. I know I’ll be kicking myself when this one is solved.

Ben Sher
11 years ago

It is not TROLL! Although I can see how that connection could be made. I could never forget the title of a Shelley Hack film.

Ben Sher
11 years ago

It’s surreal for me to be able to say this–but I think that my “Name that trauma!” has been solved (after I posted this entry on facebook). The film seems to be TIME WALKER from 1982 and, amazingly, the *exact* clip from my memory is one of only two scenes available on YouTube! It’s all there…the poor lighting, the monstervision, the shot of a monstrous arm with claws. Actually, my memory of this scene was not disjointed and fragmented–just the film!