Name That Trauma :: Reader Bigwig on Gorilla Genetics

This one has been plaguing me, and comes from when I was older. It stays with me to this day.

The plot is something like this. A geneticist mixes human sperm (his) in the mix and impregnates a captive laboratory gorilla. The result is a gorilla-boy, who, through some long sort of process, the doctor manages to hide its origins. As he is being nursed, the Gorilla boy has this really weird whimper cry. I think the Gorilla-boy eventually loses his body hair, and the doctor has his vocal cords fixed, and pawns him off as an orphan that he's taking care of. He has all kinds of hardships trying to fit in, but is still regarded (and looks) more-or-less like a human boy.

The Mad Doctor (and I do need to point out that this wasn't a sci-fi movie as you may was much more like a melodrama) is proud of his accomplishments...however Gorilla-boy, now Gorilla-teen, senses something's not right, as he yearns for the jungle, and can climb trees with reckless abandon. He also falls in love with the Scientist's teenage daughter. In the end, he finds the Mad Scientist's notes, and overwrought, goes to confront/meet his mother, the captive gorilla....who seems to notice him for a few seconds, stroke his face....and then beats him to death!

Here's the clincher, the Mad Doctor takes in relative stride the death of Gorilla-Teen, but months later, his daughter (who was pregnant) gives birth to a baby off screen at the hospital. The Mad Doctor is satisified....until the baby does the whimper-cry!  The movie ends with a freeze-frame of the Mad Doctor's eyes bugging out as he realizes the implications....

I have no idea the movie name, or anyone in it. I'm convinced it was English. The last freeze-frame of the movie, if ever shown to me, would probably induce cardiac arrest.

AUNTIE SEZ: Readers, I am not monkeying around when I say I have no idea what this movie is, and... it's driving me bananas! Please leave your tips in the comments or email them to us at

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14 years ago

It's First Born:

Definitely English, it was shown in the UK as a mini-series over a couple of nights in 1988.  Mad-Scientist-Bloke is Charles Dance, and amongst the British TV favourites rounding out the cast is a young Gabrielle Anwar.

Not out on DVD as far as I know, but I did find it on that-video-site-that-divides-clips-into-10-minute-sections.  [the bit you want starts about 5 minutes into this video:


14 years ago

Man, that was pretty disturbing.