Name That Trauma :: Reader Bill L. on a Tied-Up Boy Trapped in a High Tide

This one has been bothering me for years. No one I’ve ever talked to has ever heard of this movie, which traumatized me as a kid.

I remember seeing this when I was kindergarten, so we’re talking the 1970/1971 school year. I think it was in black and white, and I think it was narrated rather than having the actors actually talk.

Anyway, the story involves three kids, an older boy and girl, and a young boy, possibly their brother. The two older kids get separated from the brother, who is then grabbed by two older boys dressed as Indians. They take him to the beach and tie him to a pole and run off. The tide starts to come in and the water rises higher and higher. The boy looks to be in danger of drowning, but finally the older kids and their grandfather (I think) rescue him.

Like I said, it’s been nearly 40 years since I’ve seen this, but it still sticks with me. I have no idea who thought it would be appropriate to show this to a bunch of 5-year-olds. Anyone can back me up on this, and confirm this is not some hallucination on my part would have my gratitude.

AUNT JOHN SEZ: It’s time to put on your thinking caps dear readers. Does anyone know what Bill is talking about? Sound off in the comments or shoot us an email.

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13 years ago

Bill, I know EXACTLY what film you’re talking about. Problem is…it’s only a vague memory to me now. I saw it in grade school in the 70s. I’ve always remembered it, and now it almost seems like it wasn’t even real. It was a disturbing film- why our teachers showerd it to us, I can’t imagine. Anyway, I have no idea what it was called. I don’t know why I just thought of it recently, but I Googled it and found a couple postings about it from other people; we remember seeing it, but don’t know what it was.