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Kinder-Flix:: The Darkroom’s The Siege Of 31 August!

March 6th, 2009 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

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Amanda By Night
11 years ago

Get out of my head! I loved Darkroom (and have all the episodes). Is it true that Nightmares was three episodes of Darkroom made into a theatrical anthology? I believe it is, but will believe it more if you know the correct answer!

This was a particularly good episode, and probably the best remembered next to The Boogeyman will Get You. Oh, that one is GOOD.

I’ve been wanting to do a retrospective on this show, but just haven’t had the time. James Coburn hosts horror anthology show – only in the 80s and it was delish!

btw, how is not until now when I looked this up on IMDb to make sure I got the Boogeyman episode title right that I see this show was written by my favorite television writers, Levinson and Link. Well NO wonder I adored Darkroom.

Learn something new every day!

11 years ago

Wow. That first clip is one of those things that’s been embedded in my brain from childhood, but I could never remember the context or the show. For some reason, I did remember I saw it on ABC, and I always remembered the scene of the man peering into the toy army truck after he picked it up.

What I also didn’t remember (or realize) was that the man was Dick Jones himself, Ronny Cox! Thanks, guys, for putting together another piece of the puzzle from the decades-old snippets in my head!

11 years ago

Anyone notice that’s Helen Hunt in the DARKROOM ad?  Not joking – I checked it out on imdb.  Pretty sweet.

Amanda By Night
11 years ago

Helen Hunt is in the Boogeyman episode. I love that one! It’s also got Quinn Cummings from The Babysitter! YAY!