Name That Trauma :: Reader Buffy M. on a Trapped Teen

I was hoping maybe you could help me with a movie title. I have been looking for it forever. I remember watching it on T.V. late at night when I was younger. This was in the late ’80s early ’90s. I remember toward the beginning of the movie there is a teen-aged girl and she somehow got trapped in a house. She is looking out the window of the room and sees a guy get hit in the head with a shovel or a mailbox. She falls back from the window and lands on the floor. After sitting there she lifts up her hand and there are a few maggots on her palm, she brushes them away quickly.

I could be getting it confused with another movie but I thought at the end she somehow finds her way out of the house but it’s like shes crawls out of a drain or something and there is this crazy looking lake or something. She may have been helped by a troll?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


UNK SEZ: Hmmmm, the guy getting hit with a mailbox doesn’t exactly fit but the rest sounds like it could be DARIO ARGENTO‘s 1985 flick PHENOMENA (although if you caught it on T.V. it was more likely titled CREEPERS). The girl (JENNIFER CONNELLY) being trapped in a house, finding maggots in her palm, escaping through a drain and ending up at a lake all fit. There is even a mutant kid who looks like a troll- although he was not so much trying to help the girl as kill her. Check out the clip below (It’s the Italian version) and let me know if it rings any bells!

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10 years ago

The kid indeed resembles a troll, but the helpful creature in question could be the chimpanzee, which provides a lot of help to our heroine.

Buffy Maness
10 years ago

It very well could be this movie, I have always thought it could be Jennifer that starred in it and used her as an example when describing it to people but after looking at her works couldnt find a movie that the synopsis seemed to fit. Maybe I am getting parts of this mixed with the Labyrinth haha.

Buffy Maness
10 years ago

Thank you so much. I watched Creepers and you were exactly right that was the movie! The parts I remembered from from the last 30 mins of the movie, I didn’t remember the actual plot AT ALL!