Name That Trauma :: Reader Callum S. on a Otherworldly Oddity

Ahoy! I’m a big fan of the site. I’ve got a Name That Trauma to pose to you, but it’s pretty obscure.

I remember watching T.V. when I was off sick from school, early- to mid-‘90s. Here in the U.K., BBC2 and Channel 4 used to show a block of children’s educational programmes on weekday mornings, when the majority of kids were at school, so catching these shows on transmission was a bit of a rarity.

One of these shows featured images which have haunted me in their vague nightmarishness ever since.

It seemed to be your basic E.T. plot – a group of ragtag kids rallying round an otherworldly character to keep it secret from adults. The being in question was a child-sized figure dressed in a ragged, patchwork robe of some kind. It didn’t have a face. No eyes, ears, nose, mouth – just a smooth beige head with mannequin-like indentations. As such, it couldn’t speak. Despite its inability to see, I remember it moving its head slowly from left to right, as if checking that the coast was clear, before moving slowly down a hallway accompanied by its young companions. I believe the kids also had some sort of treehouse or clubhouse where this horrifying creature was kept.

Although it was shown in the U.K., I think it was made in the U.S. or Canada. I’m guessing it was made in the early ‘90s; the tone and production values were somewhat reminiscent of GHOSTWRITER. No idea of the title.

Any ideas, guys?

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blueroc85 (@blueroc85)
11 years ago

Could it be “Mac and Me?” That is the only thing that comes to mind that would be similar to E.T.

kirstyd (@kirstyd)
11 years ago

I wonder if this was some program that we watched in library class one time when I was in Elementary school.  Did the no faced alien have big ears, and ended up turning into a kid with big ears?

bdwilcox (@bdwilcox)
11 years ago

I can say you’re not crazy as I have vague, if equally disturbing, recollections of this surreal show you just described.  The way the thing moved had a detached creepiness to it that made it seem like the other kids weren’t even there.  Why anyone would think such imagery was suitable, nay targeted, for children is beyond me.  From the production quality, this was most likely a Canadian public television show.

bdwilcox (@bdwilcox)
11 years ago

(continued) My best guess is that it was produced by TV Ontario.   Might want to ask them.

SAYCHOWDUH (@saychowduh)
11 years ago

That sounds like EC from the Aussie kids show ‘Lift Off’. I know he scared a lot of kids this side of the pond.