Name That Trauma:: Reader Chas on an Odd & Evil Animated Victorian Family

Not really a trauma/scary, but I think it had some tongue-in-cheek evil/horror aspect a little like the “Addams Family” and the “Munsters“…

I remember seeing an animated movie on TV years ago (late 70’s?) I think with a Victorian setting. It was something odd about a family of bad people and at the end, the ghost of the main character’s father (?or grandfather?) who had been condemned originally because he had died a good person, but was “redeemed” in the family tradition because they realized his last act in life (?suicide?) was actually a sin. My memory was that it was standard cartoon animation, not claymation.

I also seem to remember something that the main character and his fiancé would actually be able to marry in the end, but there had some question since he had not followed in the family’s evil tradition and wouldn’t inherit the fortune until he did something bad enough.

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Tim Tylor
Tim Tylor
9 years ago

That sounds very like Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Ruddigore” comic opera. There was a Halas & Batchelor animated version in the sixties – not seen it myself, but there’s a trailer on youtube