Name That Trauma :: Reader David Y. on a Cadaver Stuffed Statue

Hey gang!

This movie has been bugging me for a while. All I remember is a scene that scared the daylights out of me as a kid. I'm pretty sure it's from the early seventies. All I can remember is an artist makes life-sized statues of gargoyle-ish type beasts in his studio. The scene that's been branded on my brain is one where the artist removes the head of one of the gargoyles and a there's a dead body inside. The moment he removes the statue's head, the corpse's head flops to one side. And then I think a woman screams. That was it for me. I must have run back to my bedroom to cry myself to sleep.

Sorry I can't provide more details.


David Y.

UNK SEZ: David Y., I think what you are looking for is the 1973 made-for-TV movie SCREAM PRETTY PEGGY! We' ve gotten a Name That Trauma! for that one before (check it out HERE, big thanks to readers Mike & Senski for the solve!) and I even went on to review it over HERE! Since we last spoke of PRETTY PEGGY, some fine fellow has uploaded the movie to YouTube so you can check it out HERE! Let us know if it's the right Trauma!

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Amanda By Night
12 years ago

I LOVE this movie. I had a big crush on Ted Bessell growing up and this was such a dark turn and hard for my 8 year old brain to comprehend! The name of the movie also eluded me for years because I was mashing it up with another movie. I was finally able to figure out it was TWO movies I was looking for and although I haven't seen the second one (Thriller: Dial a Deadly Number), I sleep much better at night knowing the title!

12 years ago

That would be it! You guys need to apply for a public service grant from the govt. You've got my signature.


12 years ago

This is realy traumatic movie, a lot of traumas from childhood!