Name That Trauma :: Reader Dylan Donnie-Duke Dali Lama on a Hit & Run Hound


I have a Name That Trauma and if anyone can help me to find the title I can promise him/her riches beyond imagining! (Which is tragic as they will need to imagine them as I am broke.)

Okay, a possibly made-for-T.V. movie with a GIL GERARD-ish-type male lead. Said male lead gets into a pissing match with a gang of untamed youth.

Traumatic scene:

Untamed youth lure the guy’s St. Bernard out into the street and play catch with him while one of their friends plows pell-mell towards the dog in a car. They leave the dog’s crumpled corpse on the male lead’s front porch where he finds it and cries into its fur.

I had forgotten this until we adopted Homer, a St. Bernard, then it all came flooding back. He was most distressed when I told him about, but said that he felt strangely compelled to see it. So, to satisfy his want for canine horror, I really need to figure this out.


Dylan Donnie-Duke Dali Lama

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Let’s all give a big KINDERTRAUMA salute and welcome back hug to SENSKI who came out of hibernation today and solved this one with 1973’s OUTRAGE! (We love you SENSKI!)

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11 years ago

Oh  man, I have been so worthless lately — it’s great to finally get one! This is 1973’s Outrage.

11 years ago

That sounds good.  Apparently Rob Lowe made a TV remake of it in the 90s, but none of the synopsis Ive found mention a dog. Just Rob Lowes car and his pregnant wife Jennifer Grey. NETFLIX has that version and Ill rent it although I KNOW the 70s version is probably 100 times better.

These 70s vigilante movies really shaped me as a teenager growing up in New York. I remember once a guy tryed to steal my purse and I stood there fighting with him about it! I finally punched me in the face and got the purse. And what was IN the purse? Probably two dollars. But it was the PRINCIPAL of the thing! I didnt sit thru all those DEATH WISH movies for nuthin!

unkle lancifer
unkle lancifer(@unkle-lancifer)
11 years ago

Senski you amaze me! It looks like “Outrage” is on youtube, starting here…

11 years ago

The comments on the imdb page mention his dog as being a St. Bernard in the ’73 version — perhaps that’s an element that was faithfully recreated for the remake as well.

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night(@amanda-by-night)
11 years ago

I had no idea there was a remake of this movie. I have the original but have only watched the first few minutes. Robert Culp was a major badass!

11 years ago

Holy dogs! My dad’s been telling me about this one for a long time, but I could never find it (is there even a DVD available?).

Mucho thanks Unk, for finding it on Youtube! Hopefully I can sit my dad in front of his computer one day so he can watch it.

Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke(@dylan-donnie-duke)
11 years ago

Oh, Senski!!!  You have made my year!!!  To say that this one has haunted me for a while would be an understatement.  It was sheer stubbornness that kept me from sending it in, because I was sure that I would find it myself.
Where in the world my garbled memory swapped Robert Culp for  Gil Gerard I will never know.  Though, as I was likely ’80 when I saw this at the tender age of 9, I am surprised that I was even that close.
Thanks so much for helping me to reawaken the horror of the squashed Wampa-doggy!
I will watch it on youtube tonight with faithful Homer at my side.  I may have to cover his eyes for the offending scene, however.  A St. Bernard running in fear might level our house.

11 years ago

I could have sworn you were talking about Hear No Evil with Gil Gerard. Wasn’t there a St. Bernard in that one too?

11 years ago

Love you too, guys!