Name That Trauma :: Reader Ed B. on a Pre-Scissors, Suicidal Shut-In

I have been trying for many years to find the black & white thriller about a woman trapped in an apartment with many ways to commit suicide, but no way out. Probably made in the ’50s, I remember watching it on TV in the early ’60s. But I don’t even remember the names of any of the players. I just remember watching a woman try to find a way out, only to find several ways to kill herself.

Does this sound familiar to anyone at KinderTrauma?

Sure would appreciate any thoughts you might have to help me find this flick.


Ed B.

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11 years ago

It’s probably too late for your purposes, but the film Scissors always reminds me of is Repulsion (1965), starring Catherine Deneuve.

11 years ago

it reminds me of the Avengers episode THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT with Emma Peel trapped in a house of revolving rooms.

11 years ago

First thing to pop into my head was REPULSION too. I dont think she trys to KILL HERSELF but she definately un-ravels.