Name That Trauma :: Reader Eldon G.B. on a Talkative Black & White Lake

Hello there,

I saw a movie when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old, back in the mid to late 70s on tv, and I’d like to know the title. Unfortunately I only have one vague scene to recall, where this woman is sitting looking into this lake and there are voices talking to her from it; I think it was in front of this English mansion on this big estate. That’s all I have. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

UNK SEZ: Greetings Eldon! I suppose this could be many movies but my bet is on one of my favorites, JACK CLAYTON‘s THE INNOCENTS (1961) which is based on THE TURN OF THE SCREW by HENRY JAMES! There are several highly memorable scenes that take place by a lake and your mansion on a large estate fits snuggly too! I couldn’t find an exact scene on YouTube but I’m sure Miss Giddens (DEBORAH KERR) hears a ghostly voice calling out “Flora,” the name of one of the children she’s looking after, too! Check out the clip I did find below and let us know if it looks familiar!

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