Name That Trauma:: Reader Ashley M. on a Smelly Attic Corpse

This is a little off topic because it wasn't exactly traumatic and I was an adult; BUT, I have been trying to figure out this book for years to no avail. It was incredibly eerie and unlike anything I have read. It's a novel from the ‘90s, Irish I believe, or possibly taking place in Ireland. A woman who works at a grocery store comes home to find her boyfriend has committed suicide. She is pretty much numb and just doesn't want to deal with it, so she takes his body to the attic and promptly forgets about it. After a while, she begins to notice a smell and remembers his body is in the attic. She then chops him up and takes his body parts to a little island in a lake, where she buries him then camps for awhile. That's about all I remember. I picked it up at a library in the late ‘90s from the new releases table.

Thanks for any help!

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Wednesday's Child
10 years ago

Was it Morvern Callar?

10 years ago

Definately sounds like Morvern Callar by Alan Warner but it's not set in Ireland it's Scotland! Great film by Lynne Ramsay too!!!!