Name That Trauma :: Reader Erczilla on Savage Seniors

I love the site and still love that you printed my FRIDAY THE 13TH trauma long ago. I have to ask if anyone can name the movie where the elderly tenants of an urban apartment complex kill their land lords, and anyone else who gets in the way of their routine lives, and bury them in cement.

I always remember the final shot of a person’s foot sticking out of the still setting fresh cement. I know that it was shown on Showtime in the early eighties because I was traumatized and aroused by the “Aerobics” program they showed between movies. Keep up the great work!


UNK SEZ:: Erczilla, I know this one! That has got to be 1974’s HOMEBODIES, a crafty little sleeper that enjoyed an extended lifespan thanks to frequent cable showings! As you said, HOMEBODIES is about a group of elderly folks who protect their home by murdering the developers that threaten it and it’s a bit more grisly than one would expect. This is yet another film that needs to be rescued from obscurity as soon as possible. I think a remake starring the red hot BETTY WHITE is in order!

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Liam Cole
Liam Cole
11 years ago

Haven’t seen it, but I could have identified Homebodies from Erczilla’s description due to having read the review of it in Stephen Thrower’s indispensable Nightmare USA.

Derek Obrien
11 years ago

Indeedy, it’s a little gem, a nice black comedy that had me queasy at a number of places, none of which I shall detail for fear of spoiling it :-}

Amanda By Night
11 years ago

I’ve heard this is really good. For whatever reason, even though I haven’t seen it, it makes me think of that awesome little Australian movie Next of Kin… There’s an old folks home in there too, but I think they are not the bad guys (or maybe just some?) Shoot I need to see this again!