Name That Trauma :: Reader Eric D. on a Tricycle Murder, Rib Hungry Aliens, & Martial Arts Maniac

Hello KT,

I have three movies or shorts that scared the living daylights out of me as a child. Funnily enough I saw two of them at the same childhood friends house. I have the impression his parents didn’t think we’d remember any of these movies, oh how wrong they were.

The first I am fairly certain was a black and white short film involving a kid riding his tricycle in an old man’s cornfield and pumpkin patch. It seemed set in the fall season. The old man who owns the land seems to think there is an animal in his patch and decides to go out and shoot it. The child is accidentally killed. My memory is hazy of what happened next. All I remember is pumpkins and corn filled with blood. ‘70s I believe.

The second, and I believe this was a movie w/color, was a ship in space somewhere. At one point in the movie a man is out on a walkway on the spaceship keeping in contact with a control room. The men in the control room are apparently trying to track down a noise. The man on the walkway turns and says something like, “There’s nothing out here.” All of the sudden an alien/monster pounces on the man and rips apart his rib cage. ‘80s I think.

The third is a martial arts movie where the hero wields a chain with a blade on the end of it (or at least he is by the end of the movie). When he whips that thing around, gore follows. I couldn’t tell how old this movie was; it was in color and could be from the ‘70s thru the ‘90s.

Does anyone recognize these films or shorts? I would love to watch these movies again as I am a pretty big horror film fanatic now.

Thanks Kindertrauma, great site!


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unkle lancifer
unkle lancifer (@unkle-lancifer)
12 years ago

I would look into either “Galaxy of terror” or  “Forbidden world” for the second one. Even if they are both incorrect, you’ll still get a hearty dose of eighties horror/sci-fi nostalgia…

Plus Galaxy of terror stars Sid Haig, Erin Moran and “Rapey” the giant space worm!

senski (@senski)
12 years ago

Maybe 1985’s Creature, with a nifty Klaus Kinski performance (not many actors could pull off that “butterfly” line!)…

Pinchy (@pinchy)
12 years ago

that last description reminds me of a pretty traumatic “game” that a friend of mine once described from his childhood called “whip chase in the dark”.   it involved a jump rope with a wooden handle (wielded in a similar fashion) and a pitch black basement.  needless to say, the game was played by some kid who was one or two years older and who was always the guy with the “whip”.  i  imagine he was also the only one who really enjoyed playing…

Grokenstein (@grokenstein)
12 years ago

I’m thinking the third one may be one of the “Flying Guillotine” movies, of which “Master Of The Flying Guillotine” is easily the best. However, the wielder is most certainly not the hero; it is an assassination weapon in the service of a cruel despot.

mekhrista (@mekhrista)
12 years ago

The first one sounds like “Dark Night of the Scarecrow.” It was a made for tv movie that scared the crud outta me.

darnes (@darnes)
12 years ago

Thanks for the responses guys!
unkle lancifer- I looked for these dvd’s for rent in my area and couldn’t find anything. I did however find where to buy them online, so it’ll be a while till I know if it’s one of the two you suggested. Like you said it’s a win-win.
senski- Unfortunately I watched “Creature” hoping it was the one I was looking for, but alas, no.
Grokenstein- I’m renting “Master of the flying guillotine” I really hope it’s the one I’m looking for.
Mekhrista- I watched some of “Dark Night of the Scarecrow” and it did look really creepy. The short I saw was defiantly in Black and White though.
Thanks again guys, and thanks to all at Kindertrauma. Keep the guesses coming!

darnes (@darnes)
12 years ago

Thank you Grokenstein! I watched “The Master of the Flying Guillotine” last night and it was definitely the movie I saw before. One trauma down! Thanks again.