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Name That Trauma :: Reader Erin L. on Sunny Day Sabotage

February 7th, 2010 by aunt john · 3 Comments

I’ve been trying to figure out what the name of this movie was. I think it was a short film that showed between features on HBO or Cinemax in the very early ‘80s. It was about a kid who moved from Earth to another planet where it rained all the time. I can’t remember the gender of the Earthling, but he or she was always drawing pictures of the sun. Anyway, the kids on the rain planet didn’t believe the protagonist’s stories about sunshine, and they taunted him or her, chased them and locked them in a closet.

Wouldn’t you know it, right then it stopped raining and the sun came out and all those jerks were running and playing having forgotten about the kid they’d locked up. I know I didn’t dream this but I haven’t found anyone else who saw it.

Maybe one of your readers remembers it?

AUNT JOHN SEZ: Actually, this is one I remember! It ran on HBO in the early/ mid-’80s and it was based on the RAY BRADBURY short story All Summer in a Day” and, from what I recall, it always was shown in tandem with the other BRADBURY inspired short “The Electric Grandmother.”

Dig out your sunglasses Erin, ’cause here it is in its entirety:

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10 years ago

I remember seeing both these in school as a kid, although I liked “The Electric Grandmother” better. I’m thinking this one was a little too close to home as I was picked on as a kid. 🙁

10 years ago

I read the short story “All Summer in a Day” every year with my 7th grade English class. I think I had read somewhere that there was a film version, but I didn’t know where to find it. Aunt John, thanks so much for finding it and thanks to Erin for the traumafession.
LaDracul, we focus on bullying a lot in the 7th grade, which is why we use this story. It always has an effect on my students.

10 years ago

Well, I just watched it and the short story is way more grim than this. I don’t think the film conveyed how close to the edge Margot was. My students usually speculate that she loses her mind over the incident and her parents will have to take her back to Earth.