Name That Trauma :: Reader F. Munoz of Mexico on a Chaotic Casino

Hello Fellow Fans of Kindertrauma:

Thank you so much for having this great website.

It really brings back wonderful memories from our childhoods.

I have been trying to find out the name of a movie I saw about 30 years ago. It was the very first movie I saw on my first BETA VCR.

All I remember was that there were people playing cards at a casino table, a man unties a woman’s dress and her breasts are shown, the people at the casino are surprised and somebody seizes the confusion and throws a knife and kills another man.

That was the first scene from the movie, my mother did not allow me to see the rest of the film because of the nudity on it. I really don’t know if it was a horror movie, maybe it could be from Spain or Italy. Perhaps it is from the mid ‘70s. All I remember that the name of the movie in Spanish was “EL HACHA“.

I have tried to look it up as “The Axe” on IMDB and all I found was:

Lisa, Lisa (1977)
aka “Axe”
aka “The Virgin Slaughter”
aka “The Axe Murders”

Il rosso segno della follia (1970)
aka “An Axe for the Honeymoon”
aka “Hatchet for the Honeymoon”

This book has helped me to trace down films that I couldn’t watch when they were first released at the theaters because of my age. It has the original name of the movies (in the language they are from) and the movie names in Spanish given at the movie theaters in Mexico.

I hope somebody can help me with the movie I’m trying to find.


F. Munoz

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12 years ago

Maybe Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold?

12 years ago

Thank You So Much For Posting My E-Mail.
The movie I am looking for is probably from Italy (maybe a GIALLO).  All I remember is that the name in Spanish was EL HACHA (The Axe).
It is not Cleopatra Jones.
I just found this Blog:
I´m going to check it out to see if i can find the movie I´m looking for.

12 years ago