Name That Trauma :: Reader Gerard on a Disemboweled Damsel

Hey guys,

I've seen you help with some obscure movies, so I'd love to see if you remember this:

I saw a part of a film when I was very young, in the mid-‘80s maybe, and still to this day I have no idea what it was!

As far as I can remember there was some sort of hero - HE-MAN/BEASTMASTER/CONAN-looking guy, and a writhing captive girl, and they were trapped in a cave or dungeon. And as far as I can remember the bad guy thing holding them captive was a skinless body or a man made out of blood and guts (not unlike the really bloody uncle Frank from HELLRAISER perhaps) and he had like, glowing claws/fingernails - they glowed yellow first, and the captive girl started to sorta writhe in pain, then they glowed blue - and he sort of ripped the girls guts out... I think maybe like telekinetically, straight into his hand.

Now presumably at the point, I ran away from the T.V. terrified, I can't have been older than 5 or 6 so its definitely the ‘80s... I've kinda always thought it was a more adult orientated sorta KRULL BEASTMASTER movie, but, well I thought I'd have seen it again by now.

Any ideas PLEASE?



UNK SEZ:: I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you are talkin' bout THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER!!!

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unkle lancifer
13 years ago

I think this has got to be the sword and the sorcerer!

I love this movie!


We made this game out of it back in the day…

13 years ago

Crazy, this solved my trauma without even having to ask. The demon coming out of a pit covered in blood and the eyes on the wall have tap danced in my nightmares for the last thirty years. I fricking love this site!