Name That Trauma:: Reader Jack P on Santa Striking Spot with a Spoon

Dear Kindertrauma,

This one is coming all the way from Paris, France! I have been trying to find this movie for ten years now, and it is starting to kill me.

There’s a killer Santa in it (at least, I think), which should have made my quest easier but unfortunately hasn’t since I’ve checked all the christmas horror movies I know and still haven’t found anything. Anyway, I just remember this one scene.

There’s a kid, blonde I think, hiding under a kitchen table with an old telephone, as the killer Santa enters the house. The boy’s dog gets killed by the guy with a wooden spoon, while the kid tries to remain silent under the table. Aaaand, that’s it. That’s all I remember. I’ve been obsessed with this scene ever since, and I hope you or the Kindertrauma readers will set me free.

Seriously though, it’s killing me.



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Sébastien Mayer
10 years ago

Hey Jack and Unk,
I was traumatized by this movie too! The scene you decribed was the only thing I could remember about this film. I was looking to find its title for quite some time but unsuccessfully. So this morning after reading you message I became obsessed with it and gave myself the mission to find it. And I think I did!

It’s a French horror movie from 1989 and the title is 3615 Code Père-Noël (it had several different titles in English but Game Over is the International English title).

For some reason, I was under the impression that this was an American film. But when you said you were French too (I am from Québec, Canada), I started looking on Google using French Keywords and TA-DA! I found it!

You can find many videos on YouTube by typing the French title in the search bar. Here’s also a Website where you can find some stills from the movie, including a picture of the the poor dead doggy :

Watching the trailer I do remember vividly now that this movie was a cross between Silent Night, Deadly Night… and Home Alone!

Still not on DVD… Cheers! 🙂

Sébastien Mayer
10 years ago

Well if you don’t mind the language, I think you guys can accidentally click on the link below, delay your Christmas withdrawal, and enjoy this little known flick way before next Xmas! I was not able to find a subtitled version…–code-pere-noel-3119.html

It really does feel like Christmas in January, isn’t it?

Sébastien Mayer
10 years ago

These are the words of a very wise man. Let us know what you think of 3615 Code Père-Noël. And if there are some dialogues you are dying to know “what the hell were they saying?”, just let me know!

10 years ago

OH MY GOD Sébastien I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU FOUND IT ! Merci merci merci merci ! After all these years I was beginning to think I had imagined the whole thing. I feel so fucking relieved haha. I had no idea it was French though, no wonder my years of watching every single american xmas horror movies led to nothing. So, again, THANK YOU Sébastien and thank you Kindertrauma !