Name That Trauma :: Reader Jackie on Tumble-Dry Tots

Hi! Here’s my trauma:

Two mothers in orange or yellow (very ‘70s) outfits are in a laundry room or laundromat talking about how they like to wash their kids. They open two dryers and there are two kids (both girls I think) in striped knee socks inside of the dryers. One of the women reminds me of LOUISE LASSER (of MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN). Saw this on T.V. sometime between ‘85-‘89.

If someone can figure this out, they’re amazing.



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11 years ago

Sounds groovy, but I got distracted because some heathen allowed an evil, follow-you-everywhere crash-a-matic ad on holy ground. I’m v’klempt and vituperous. Damnit! You guys are my home base. I check in with you first, and expand from your knowledgeable links and now here you are flinging monkey poo! 

11 years ago

Not to be completely useless, it seems I remember that in the context of a fantasy and/or commercial in some movie. Groove Tube? Kentucky Fried? Or Amazon Women?

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

TVSA, that sounds like one of those horror-blip viruses that have been going around. We will stomp it out!

For some reason this one reminds me of a Carol Burnett skit. 
Which is bad because yesterday I spent hours watching Carol Burnett on Youtube instead of doing my chores. 

Tommy V
11 years ago

This sounds way to awesome to go unidentified for long.
I can’t imagine seeing that scene and not remembering it. You can’t even read about it and not wish you had seen it!

11 years ago

That sounds very John Waters to me but I have no concrete evidence that its one of his.

Im pretty sure its not AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON. Ive seen that a hundred times, and own a copy.I have KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE too and dont rememeber it on there.

GROOVE TUBE? Maybe. I only saw that once in the 80s so I dont remember once.

Carol Burnett? “Dirt Around The Collar!”