Name That Trauma :: Reader Jai on an Unrequited Inner-Office Love Short

Hi Kindertrauma,

I am trying to find the name of a movie or short from about 1989-1990 sometime (give or take.)

It had a guy always professing his love for a co-worker. This female co-worker always shoots him down. Turns out the guy actually can’t say he hates anyone or they turn in to a puppet. These two are off somewhere together, not sure why, but It turns out the woman can’t say she loves anyone or they turn into a puppet as well. So of course she loved him all along, but could not tell him.

It wasn’t long, so I am guessing it was a short film.

Please help me remember what this was from!!!


UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Special thanks to reader Rhiannon Joy for naming it with the REALLY WEIRD TALES (1987) segment “I’ll Die Loving.”

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Rhiannon Joy
11 years ago

This sounds a lot like “Really Weird Tales” from 1987…had most of the SCTV cast in it. There’s a segment called “I’ll Die Loving” that sounds like what you are talking about.

Here’s the first part on You Tube:

Thanks for the flashback on that one!! Watched it when I was kid!!