The Thing 2011 Funhouse

Cuter than E.T., smarter than NUKIE and more delightful than MAC (AND ME), THE THING is my all time favorite critter from outer space! Today, after nearly a two-decade absence, THE THING has finally returned to Earth (at a theater near you- check your local listings!) for fresh new duplicating adventures!

My pal THE THING is famous for his RICH LITTLE-esque ability to mimic and impersonate any creature it has a mind to. Talented as THE THING may be, we all have our off-days and sometimes THE THING is prone to leave projects unfinished…

The four images below are from 2011’s THE THING! Image “A” is the original and image “B” is the phony-baloney. Poor THE THING has made exactly three mistakes in each attempt to copy his prey. Can you spot the three differences before you yourself are assimilated and crab legs grow out of your head?

I myself am off to the movie theater, as a wild horse does not exist who is wild enough or horse-y enough to keep me away from my beloved THE THING!

MORE THING FUN: Turn yourself into THE THING and share the ultimate scare HERE! Visit THE THING‘s official site HERE!

This post is sponsored by NBC Universal Pictures.

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke (@dylan-donnie-duke)
10 years ago

1.) Rings around the tank
2.) 2 buttons
3.) 2 red lights
4.) Missing loopy thingy on the parka

I look forward to your review. I am not sure that I can take my Rob Bottiny goodness being replaced by CGI.

cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago

1 – one hose at bottom of tank is missing
more hood fuzz on 1b

2 – barrel of gun is longer
extra button on jacket
pull string on my right/his left is missing

3 – two red lights on sqare metal thing
missing test tubes
wire on top of light

4 – extra roll on turtleneck
missing button loop

that’s it for now. i’m gonna wait a bit and come back for the last two or i might go blind.

cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago

1 – the tank has an extra ripple thing toward the top

4 – i’m at a loss. unless the difference is inside…where it counts.

Pinchy (@pinchy)
10 years ago

I trust the opinions of the folks on this site over that of your average militant fanboy, but I admit I have been torn between dread and excitement over this release — it is The Thing dammit! So it’s good to hear your positive reaction, Unk. I’ll have to see it this weekend.

mistersquid (@mistersquid)
10 years ago