Name That Trauma :: Reader Ina on a Massacred Mom in a Creepy Kitchen


I have been searching for a long time, but I only have a small fragment to go on. I am hoping it rings a bell for somebody!

This is a movie that has been broadcasted on T.V. in the late ‘70s. I think this must have been in 1976 and 1977. I think it was broadcasted on Channel 56 (WLVI Boston). I am sure it was not part of the CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE that WLVI always had on in the weekends (anybody remember that?) But I do know that this movie came on immediately after THE SHUTTERED ROOM. And this was two years in a row. First came THE SHUTTERED ROOM and then this other movie.

Now, I was 6 at the time and my dad let me watch THE SHUTTERED ROOM with him. Then this other movie came on. I clearly remember the beginning and then my dad quickly switched to another channel. THE SHUTTERED ROOM was apparently OK, but this other movie went too far, even for him. A year later, they both came on again. This time I saw more of the beginning of this second movie, and I got to see a little bit more, before dad got up to switch to a different channel (no remotes way back then.)

Now the beginning, which I remember:

A kid comes home from school, the school bus lets this kid off. I can’t remember if it’s a girl or boy. I am thinking a little girl but not sure on that part. It is either summer or a very nice spring or early fall day. It is sunny; the grass is green, leaves on the trees. The house is a ranch-style house, I think somewhere in the suburbs.

The kid walks up to the house and enters the house. It’s quiet in the house. The kid calls out, “Mom????” No answer. Kid walks to the kitchen. The kitchen looks horrible. Blood everywhere. On the counter, on the floor, and blood-smears on the cabinets. Meanwhile the kid keeps calling, “Mom????”

That’s all.

This has been bugging me big time. What movie is this, and what happened to the mother? Nothing good, I think, it was a lot of blood in there.

The fact that twice it was broadcasted immediately after THE SHUTTERED ROOM made me thought it was some kind of double feature.

Well…. is there anybody out there who can help me out?


Amanda By Night can put another notch in her lipstick case as she solved this one with HOUSE ON GREENAPPLE ROAD.

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Amanda By Night
11 years ago

I think this is an iconic scene from House on Greenapple Road and the little girl is Eve Plumb… Here is the review I wrote of it:

I hope this helps!

btw, The Shuttered Room is awesome!

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

Thanks Amanda! What would we do without you?

I found the opening of HOGR on youtube and here it is….

Why do such horrible things always happen to Eve Plumb?

11 years ago

Thanks for posting this! I loved to watch scary movies on tv when I was a little girl (yes, I was twisted – even back then), and somehow this one slid under my radar.

P.S. – I don’t know why, but that picture of the cat is triggering my giggle reflex. Maybe it’s the threatening pose…?

Stacy Pershall
11 years ago

The credits have Mary Tyler Moore font! AWESOME!

Also, SlasherChick, that cat lives at my house. He’s looking at me right now.

Ina Seavey
11 years ago

That’s it!!! That’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh wow, I cannot believe you guys actually found this. The part with the bloody hand on the fridge is where my dad turned off the tv the second time it came on.

I just watched a part of the You tube link and as soon as it started it all came back to me. Cannot remember the cat though. But, wow, this particular opening scene has disturbed me for ever. I was 6 then, I am 41 now, and it has remained in the back of my brain all those years.

I think just watching the beginning a moment ago, raised my bloodpressure, I can actually feel my heart thumping away there….amazing that just one little fragment of film has the power to do that!

I actually stopped the youtube link when the handprint on the fridge came into view. Just like so many yeays ago……

oh wow oh wow…..Thank you guys, so much. My dad and I have been searching for this for such a long time. I wish I could have told him I finally have the answer, but he passed away this year. Now I wish I asked this question sooner, yes I really do.

Ina Seavey
11 years ago

ok, so I watched the first 14 minutes and that was not bad at all.

I guess if we just had kept watching instead of changing the channel, I would not have had that trauma. My imagination turned this into a full blown bloody horror movie…….that’s sort of funny in a way…