Name That Trauma :: Reader Jason S. on the Skeletal Spawn of a Soap Starlet


Just wondered if you might be able to help me. I’m looking for a T.V. movie, I know that once you say the title it will click with me but I can’t seem to remember it. I thought you might know.

It was from the ‘80s and I believe all the ladies in it were soap opera stars or some of them were. The basic plot is they were all sorority girls I believe and one of them had a baby. Many years later the skeleton of the baby is found when the house is being destroyed. Then it becomes a reunion to find out who the mother was.

Does that sound vaguely familiar to you? I remember it used to show on TBS a few times back in the late ‘80s.

Thanks for any help you might be…


UNK SEZ: Jason, I remember that skeleton baby movie too! I forgot the name as well but luckily I knew just where to look for it! The internet’s resident guru of television movies, Amanda by Night’s MADE FOR TV MAYHEM. You can read all about 1979’s FRIENDSHIPS, SECRETS AND LIES over at her endlessly informative database HERE! I’d peruse the rest of the joint too, you’re sure to find tons of lost T.V. memories there, I know I always do!

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Amanda By Night
12 years ago

Oh my god! I was reading this and thinking, “Hey, I actually know this Kindertrauma,” and there I am!

It’s actually a REALLY good pre-Lifetime kind of movie, with wonderful performances from the cast, ESPECIALLY the late Cathryn Damon!

Thanks for the plug, btw and I’m glad my site is good for something! 🙂