Name That Trauma :: Reader Stacy on Creepy Cyborg Crotches

There is a movie that I watched at my uncle’s house when I was around 7 years old that scared the bejeezus out of me. I cannot figure out what it is for the life of me. I am assuming it was on either HBO or Cinemax sometime around 1987.

From what I can remember it took place on either a space ship or some futuristic tunnel system. There was a lot of blue lighting in theses tunnels. People were being chased in these tunnels by aliens or
Cyborgs that looked human. These things were naked but I seem to think they had prosthetic crotches (like LINNEA did in THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD). That is all I can remember.

I would like to find out what it is so I can rewatch it and see if it has the same effect on me now. Quite a few years back before I saw FROM BEYOND I thought it was the movie I was looking for due to the poster art and the lighting. Once I watched it I realized that it obviously wasn’t it.

Any ideas?



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13 years ago

Erm…they wouldn’t happen to be the rapebots from “Flesh Gordon,” would they? Those were clunky blue robot suits styled after the ones in the old Gene Autry “Phantom Empire” serial, with hats and ties, plus big whirling drills on their groins.
If not, forget I mentioned it.

13 years ago

This sounds a bit like the opening from Star Slammer, but I’m not 100%.