Name That Trauma :: Reader Jonathan on a Fishy Finale

Greetings Kindertrauma,

I watched a movie with my parents when I was very young that has haunted me to this day. It was not a horror movie but I think more of a dumb action movie.

I cannot remember anything except for the end where the ‘bad guys’ are chasing the ‘good guys’ in some kind of animal reserve or something and one of the guys dunks another one’s head into a thing of water where he is then eaten alive from the chest up by piranhas.

That scene has scared me for years and now I think its time to face those fears.

If anyone can help that would be awesome!



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Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
11 years ago

I don’t remember it as well as I should, but maybe it’s Killer Fish with Lee Majors?

Whatever it is, it sounds awesome!

senski (@senski)
11 years ago

I was gonna say Killer Fish too, but then I realized that Karen Black is in it, and Unk would have already been on top of it if that was the answer!

unkle lancifer
unkle lancifer (@unkle-lancifer)
11 years ago


Killer Fish! I’ve never seen Killer Fish!
Holy Cannoli, I’m so firing myself!
It was directed by the guy who did Cannibal Apocalypse and Castle of Blood, Antonio Margheriti!
Not only does it have Karen Black and Lee Majors…it has Margaux Hemingway and (gulp) Gary Collins!
Oh Boy, It’s on the youtube and I have to say the picture is stunningly sharp for youtube.
How am I supposed to get any work done today with these killer fish chomping on the back of my brain?
This just proves my theory that you never know when a simple traumafession is going to drastically alter the course of your life!
“Life is all about the journey…the journey to Killer Fish!”

Grokenstein (@grokenstein)
11 years ago

Pretty sure it’s not Killer Fish, sorry. (It’s one of my favorite bad movies for the deliciously awful theme song and the cartoon “hurricane”–actually a tornado–that floods a totally rotten miniature set. Why did so many movies in the late ’70s have crappy miniature dambursts?)
And James Franciscus! Don’t forget Jimmy!

Joe Monster
Joe Monster (@joe-monster)
11 years ago

I’m guessing it probably wasn’t that scene in Austin Powers when the distempered sea bass chomped off that henchman’s head, right?

HorrorCat (@horrorcat)
11 years ago

This sounds a lot like the scene in Bird on a Wire… however, the guy gets eaten by piranhas but it’s not overtly graphic.

vaughcar (@vaughcar)
11 years ago

This is Sleepaway Camp II. One of my favorite movies.

Ianoncedid (@ianoncedid)
11 years ago

Ok so you said something earlier about it possibly not being a horror film, but a dumb action movie.  Could it be Leonard Part 6 starring Bill Cosby?  I seem to remember a scene involving piranhas and head dunking.