Name That Trauma :: Reader Joseph B. on Freaky Faces

When I was a kid, what always terrified me was the occasional horror trailer that would suddenly pop up on a seemingly innocent video rental. I would hide behind the couch whenever one of them came on, but even the sounds were enough to haunt me for weeks. I’ve since managed to identify most of these trailers, but one particularly traumatizing example remains elusive.

I’m not sure how much of this is due to my own runaway imagination, but I think the film concerned a young couple either moving into a new house or staying at a vacation house at some pastoral location. The beginning of the trailer made the movie appear to be an innocent love story, but halfway through things turned dark. I think a storm brews, and all hell breaks loose — perhaps the house is cursed or there is a cursed object in the house.

The details are fuzzy, but one scene I can recall were giant, monstrous faces peering into the bedroom window of the house. It was as if the entire house was surrounded by them. It might even have been a kind of wall of faces pushing up against the glass. I’ve searched long and hard for this film, to no avail. I was hoping someone out there would be able to identify it. This would’ve been the mid-to-late eighties.


Joseph B.

Joseph, could the freaky faces be from the 1988 AUDREY LINDLEY tour de force SPELLBINDER? Watch out for the windows at the 2:41 mark:

UPDATE: Aunt John was right!

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The G-Man
The G-Man
12 years ago

Afraid I’m no help in ID’ing the movie, but just gotta say this…holy crap!  That clip was pretty freaky.  Never heard of this movie, but it’s gong on my Netflix list right now.  Thanks!