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Name That Trauma :: Reader Kookaburra on a Dog Picture Book

February 22nd, 2009 by aunt john · 3 Comments

So, this might be a little bit out of your purview, as it involves a picture book rather than a movie.

When I was in 2nd grade or so, I attended a very conservative Christian school. Once a year they would have a book give-away in the library, where they got rid of books that were too battered or moldy or whatever to have in the library anymore, and make room for new books. I saw a brightly colored picture book on dogs, and snagged it. I think the cover might have been yellow, or had a golden retriever on it or something. It had that sort of hard, cloth covered binding, and the illustrations seemed ‘60s-ish.

Anyways, for the first three quarters of the book, it was standard fare, with general dog facts, and dog breeds from around the world, that sort of thing. Then I got to the last section, dog lore.

Also known as ALL ABOUT WEREWOLVES. Seriously, it was about werewolves, nothing else. This section was written in the same didactic style as the rest of the book, (absolutely no indication that this wasn’t fact) and had such lovely topics as “how to tell a werewolf” (I remember a picture of a guy with scratches all over his face, from running through the underbrush), and finally, a section on how to practice lycanthropy, and turn your self into a werewolf.

I swear I am not making this up. As a little girl from a sheltered background who had to cover her eyes during some of the more intense scenes in SNOW WHITE, you can guess how much this traumatized me. I think I ended up performing an “exorcism” on it, and throwing the book over my back fence. I refused to go behind our house for like a year after that, certain that the “demonic” book had haunted the area.

So, I’m really curious if it’s as bad as I remember it, or if my overactive imagination has been playing tricks on me.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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