Traumafessions :: Reader Maxson M. on Sesame Street’s Trash Gordon

I have no idea why this SESAME STREET segment terrified me so much as a child. I remember when I was about 5, I loved SESAME STREET. I watched it every day, at least that was until I saw this segment. It was where Oscar is reading to his worm about some superhero named Trash Gordon.

I thought it was cool at first when Oscar was reading it, but when that bald man came on screen, I started bawling! I never watched SESAME STREET again! I have no idea why he scared me so much.

Did anyone else find this as scary as hell when they were little? I would like to know, because it terrified me!

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Amanda By Night
13 years ago

OMG! I loved Oscar’s worm! Didn’t he have a name like Squirmy or something?

I don’t remember this, but have always had a crush on Gordon, so I doubt anything he did would have scared me… Now Luis… that’s another story! 😉