Name That Trauma:: Reader L.J. on a Rocky Clown Kitchen

I had to have been like 2 or 3 b/c my sisters hadn't been born yet so it must have been around 1980 or so- my parents took me (WHY??) to the drive-in with them, and all I remember of the movie were clowns, horrible, terrible, clowns, I think one (at least) had a knife, and a scene in a kitchen with the doors getting all blocked up with rocks, lots and lots of rocks- I think the entire kitchen ended up being filled with the rocks, but my parents kept trying to make me lay down in the back seat so I couldn't watch, also it's been over 30 years, so I'm a wee bit fuzzy on it all. If you can identify this craziness for me, I'd be full of gratitude.

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
10 years ago

I was warned. I was warned, but I googled it anyway. As there are daydreams, are there also daymares? Because I think I am having one populated entirely with clowns from MOMA.