Name That Trauma :: Reader Lars K. on an Artist Stalked by Satan

Dear Kindertrauma,

First of all, let me tell you guys you rock! Love the site! As an artist and designer I get a lot of inspiration from obscure movies and T.V. such as the ones you write about and your site always rocks some cool shit.

Second , I have kind of a kinder-trauma that I would love to hear if you could shed some light on. I’m Danish, so I have no idea whether this thing has been on American T.V. I’m sure it’s not a Danish production, but maybe European.

I only remember it vaguely, but I believe it’s a claymation short about an artist who paints the devil (maybe as part of a mural in a church), and then the devil comes to life and chases the artist!

I don’t remember the ending, but it made quite an impression me – maybe, because as I said, I’m an artist myself.

All the best,

Lars K.

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12 years ago

There is a disturbing and somewhat mysterious cartoon on You Tube that may be what you are searching for.  I don’t know how to embed the link, or whatever you do or call it, but just type ‘creepy claymation cartoon’  and it’s the first thing that comes up.  Even if it’s not the right one it’s still worth a look.

12 years ago

I’m sorry it took me so long to get back, I’ve been busy the last few days. The one with Mark Twain was indeed the one I meant.