Name That Trauma :: Reader Luke McG. on a Deadly Disappearing Act

Well, I’m not quite sure how I should introduce this, besides stating that I saw it as a child and it has since led to some pretty damn severe claustrophobia, and an intense distrust of disappearing acts…

I can’t remember what the show was called, but I’m PRETTY sure it was one of those procedural cop shows (I wanna say BLUE HEELERS, but I’ve read the episode synopsis for every one, and I haven’t found anything that caught my eye as being similar. So basically at the beginning of the show there’s the “setup” for the investigation. In this case it was a magic show. Some man is called up and is put into a magic box, subsequently disappears and is never seen again, until the next morning where some kids throw a block of cement into a sewer drain and a waterlogged corpse is revealed to the camera. Turns out apparently the guy took a wrong turn in some sewer tunnels and got lost, got washed into the waters and drowned. That’s all I know, hopefully it’ll be enough to give someone a flashback and reveal what this gorram show is that’s given me a lifelong fear!

Luke McG.

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