Name That Trauma :: Reader M. Nelson on a Mid-Century Cabin in the Woods

My last three submissions for Name that Trauma were answered quickly and my sanity was saved but now I have found another movie I’m going slightly mad over…

Relatively recent film, last 10 years I think but could be wrong and I seem to remember I watched it with subtitles so I’m gonna have to guess it was a non-English, European import. Film opens on the exposition for the plot and is set in the last days of WWII soldiers, (German maybe?), come across an abandoned cabin and set up camp for the night. After exploring they find a dead body in the very locked basement and start screwing around with it. Turns out the dead body isn’t really “dead” dead and proceeds to eat everybody except one soldier who happens to be a doctor and manages to get the undead back into a box and trapped again in the basement. He will be an important character in the rest of the movie that is set in modern day when a group of friends stumble across the same cabin. That pretty much is all I remember, I do know it is not DEAD SNOW for I am watching that right now and that is what reminded me of this.

Help me Kindertrauma, you’re my only hope and thanks in advance.


Evansville, IN

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10 years ago

The plot sounds a bit similar to the movie Outpost (2008), as a naked zombie-type guy is found in a remote Nazi outpost – who plays an important role in the final part of the film. There isn’t a cabin and it’s a British film, though. Here’s the trailer:

10 years ago

I think this might be the movie you’re looking for.

I knew it sounded familiar, I actually just watched it about a month ago. Strange but good movie, it takes a 180 after the WW2 scene from horror movie to horror/teen/comedy still a half way decent movie for watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

unkle lancifer
10 years ago

I must be really slipping. I have not heard of either of these movies and they both sound really cool! Thanks Kristy & Zombiejoe!!

Tom Steeber
10 years ago

It could be Lucio Fulci’s Ghosts of Sodom. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but that sounds familiar.

Eric Eddy
10 years ago

I watched Outpost and Dead Snow last year and they’re both cringe-worthy. I didn’t enjoy either movie (save for Ray Stevenson, the only good thing in whichever one of those movies he was in).

The Nazi-zombie/occult thing is pretty played out and it shows with those movies. I really tried to like them, but they ended up being boring or stupid and I can’t remember which was which.

Michael Nelson
10 years ago

Frostbiten/Frostbite, that was it. Thanks guys.