The Cabin In The Woods Funhouse!

UNK SEZ: Happy Friday the 13th! Not only is today the favorite day of our pal Jason but it is also the day that THE CABIN IN THE WOODS opens in a theater near you! Go see it! Horror movies are like teeth, if you ignore them they’ll go away! In the meantime can you identify the cabins and merely cabin-ish dwellings below? Good luck! If you need me you know where I’m at!

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Luki8701 (@luki8701)
9 years ago

2) F13th Part 2
3) Madman ?
4) The Howling
6) Cabin Fever ?
9) The Burning ?
10) Evil Dead

Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine (@matt-sunshine)
9 years ago

8. Misery ?

Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine (@matt-sunshine)
9 years ago

Hmm, maybe I’m wrong.

8. Dreamcatcher

EegahInc (@eegahinc)
9 years ago

1. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil?
7. Without Warning? (seems like there was a shed in that)

Penh (@penh)
9 years ago

As usual, all the easy pickin’s are gone. 🙁

1. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
EC: Just Before Dawn

EegahInc (@eegahinc)
9 years ago

Extra: Just Before Dawn maybe?

EegahInc (@eegahinc)
9 years ago

5. reminds me of Pumpkinhead.

Tom Steeber
Tom Steeber (@fb1518113782)
9 years ago

#3 is definitely Madman.

arthur teagarden
arthur teagarden (@arthur-teagarden)
9 years ago

No peeking at previous visionaries ~
5=eaten alive
9=the Burning
10=duuuuuh, duuuuude.
E.C. eh, eh, eh…. just before dawn.
Just listening to the Clash, and he sang ‘
should I blow now’
and honestly I was thinking a certain actor in that film always, varied career but always seemed… blown.

Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole (@fb834746)
9 years ago

1. hostel?

nukeface (@nukeface)
9 years ago

1. tucker and dale vs evil
2. sleepaway camp 2
3.mad man
5. halloween 5
6.cabin fever

Lynette Fromme
Lynette Fromme (@lynette-fromme)
9 years ago

Hey unk – what are the answers?