Name That Trauma :: Reader Marie-Pierre on a Treasure-Filled Teddy Bear or Blanket

Hi Kindertrauma!!

I’m writing you this email to ask your help. I’ve been looking for a movie for years now, and even if I can’t erase some pictures from my head, its name is still unfoundable. I’ll try to describe my memories for you. God knows.

I live in Belgium, and the movie – or feuilleton – had been broadcast when I was something like 7 or 8. (It means 20-25 years ago.) I may have seen it in a show like Disney Parade, on Sunday evening.

The story was really scary. It was about a little girl, whose mother was dead. Her uncle was very mad, maybe a wizard, and wanted something from her, but she didn’t know exactly what. She always had a sort of teddy bear or blanket with her, she couldn’t be separated from it.Once in her dreams, she saw her mother who told her what her uncle was looking for was hidden in the teddy bear. It was like a treasure.

Well, that’s everything I remember.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks a lot for having read this.

My best regards,


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Ben Sher
11 years ago


I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is about a little girl who is terrorized by her uncle after her mother dies, because he is trying to find a lot of money which is (unbeknownst to him) hidden in her doll.

All of the pieces seem to fit, *except*–I don’t recall a dream sequence with the dead mother in NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. The whole movie has a weird, dreamy quality, though.

Ben Sher
11 years ago

OH! Ack, actually he wasn’t her uncle. He was her stepfather. Maybe the other pieces don’t fit after all…

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

That’s a great guess! I kept thinking I had seen something with a teddy bear treasure in it but I could not remember it.

Even if it’s not right it’s a good guess & what a great movie NOTH is too!

11 years ago

This also sounds a lot like “Child of Glass,” only it wasn’t a teddy bear it was a doll, and the Uncle or whoever it was wanted some sort of treasure that was inside the doll. Also after the doll was the ghost of a little girl who used to own it. On second thought, maybe that’s not it. But it sure reminds me of this one.

Lielos Eiram
11 years ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
This is Child of Glass 🙂
I’ve just watched one sequence on youtube, and this is it !!!!!

Thanks a lot you guys for your lucky tries <3

I'll try to upload it now !!