Name That Trauma :: Reader Mathew M. on Kung Fu Vampires

There is a film I watched in the mid ‘80s on the USA network, so it was probably on Commander USA’s Groovie Movies. My memories of it are not too strong, but I think it was a vampire/martial arts flick or vampire circus flick. Now, I know that both of those types of movies aired on the network at that time, so even that might not even be correct.

What I do know for certain: There was a fighting sequence that took place in a (saloon, church, circus? not really sure) that involved throwing someone over a banister on a stairwell and jumping and landing directly on their stomach, forcing what seemed like lots of blood to come out of their mouth. This image has stayed with me my entire life.

The memory of this action sequence is what leads me to believe that there were martial arts involved in this horror film. I know this could not be any more vague, but please help me!

Love your site!


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12 years ago

There have been a number of chop-socky vampire flicks post-1985, but prior to that, there was really only one; Hammer’s “Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires” from 1974. Fortunately, the whole movie is on YouTube – here’s the first part…

If this isn’t it, you’re still in for a fantastic time.

12 years ago

And Hammer’s “Vampire Circus” is also on YouTube in its entirety as well. (There’s no US DVD release of this, along with so many other Hammer classics, so this is your best option, Mathew.) How did we ever get along before YouTube?