Name That Trauma:: Reader Mr. Brown on a Hand in a Meat Grinder

I’m trying to figure out what movie from my childhood scarred me. Foggy memory, indeed. It was probably from the 70’s and about the only scene I remember is a guy’s hand gets put into a meat grinder. Did his arm fall in or was it forcibly pushed in? I don’t know… I just remember the shot of the “meat” coming out of the grinder while the guy screamed. Possibly one of the “Omen” films? But I don’t know.

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8 years ago

I seem to remember a scene like that from the 1980 movie The Exterminator. Hope that’s right.

8 years ago

Does anyone else like The Exterminator 2 over 1 or is it just me? There’s actual flame throwing going on, strippers and breakdancing!

8 years ago

I believe Child of Corn has a scene like that in the beginning when the kids are wiping out all the adults.

8 years ago

Count me in as a preferrer of EXTERMINATOR 2. But both flicks have their merits. šŸ™‚

I was thinking it might be a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick, though…did the Gore Gore Girls have something like that? Or Blood Feast? They all kind of run together for me…

8 years ago

I too prefer part 2 over the original, the first one certainly has more of a serious tone but part 2 is probably the most fun, enjoyable action movie I’ve ever seen. It really feels like a video game, in fact I’m amazed there was never an Exterminator game for the Commodore 64 or one of the other systems from back in the day. Hell, I’d love to see an Exterminator game for PS3 or Xbox 360. Anyway I could go on and on about how much I love these movies and keep hoping one that one day we’ll see an Exterminator game, I mean they did it with The Warriors to great effect right?

8 years ago

What! There is a Warriors game? How have I not heard of this?

Oh, and my meat grinding Kintertrauma was definitely the film for Pink Floyd’s The Wall……

8 years ago

What? No one brings up “The Corpse Grinders?”

And now that I think of it, didn’t “Undertaker and His Pals” have a hand or arm getting stuffed into a meat grinder? Or was it a leg?

8 years ago

Chuckles! — I have the same meat-grinding-The-Wall-inspired kindertrauma! … all of those people … just dropping into the giant grinder … and the pink ropes of meat that came pouring out like a Play Doh Fun Factory of Nightmarish Death. It didn’t help that it was backed by the sound of a children’s choir singing the theme song. Too much for these young eyes and ears.

8 years ago

Chuckles, there most certainly was and it was glorious! I’m not even that big a gamer but once in a while a game comes along that just absorbs me
Here’s the intro, don’t let the slightly dated graphics put you off, it really is an incredible game. It doesn’t just go through the story from the movie either, it goes right into the history of the gang and each member and how they came to be in the warriors. Really expands on the fascinating world created in the movie and lets you explore it. Track it (and a PS2) down if you can. Worth every penny

8 years ago

Copy that on the Warriors game. I bought an Xbox just to be able to play that game.

If you are a fan of The Warriors, you might also like

Rusty G.
Rusty G.(@rusty-g)
8 years ago

Gee, I didn’t realize there were so many films with a meat grinder scene! Here’s another.
Psychic Killer (1975). The meat grinder scene is at 2:07 in this You Tube clip. Enjoy!

8 years ago

Psychic Killer is the one that’s been haunting me for so long! You guys are great!
Keep up the gory work.
Atomx11 (a.k.a. Mr. Brown)