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I discovered your excellent website last night. Great idea. (Sorry for my bad English, I’m European.)

When I was young in the mid-eighties, at the end of the year, all school classes of my town were taken to the movies.

One year I remembered having watched a movie with the Ewoks, and I cried because an Ewok was dead (maybe?)

One year we watched KARATE KID (I didn’t enjoy the movie, especially the punks “aggression” scene.)

One year, there was this strange and traumatizing movie, but I can’t remember the name, I need your help to find what it was:

I just remember one thing : the hero was a boy, and there was a scene where he passes through the drain hole of a bathtub!

I guess the movie was American, produced in the eighties and had some kind of box-office success.

PLEASE help me find that weird movie, I need to buy it on DVD!

Thank you very much,

Pierre G.

Per Pierre:

I watched the YouTube clip, and I think that “Tony and the Tick Tock Dragon” is the movie that traumatized me!

I was very young, and I don’t remember the cartoon sailors, but I’m 90% sure of that.

Can you imagine that our school teachers choose a cheap fifteen-year old Hungarian movie, while there were so many cool American films around 1985…?

Many thanks to “Nathan Arms” and “MC_Kubbe” for their help.

Pierre G.

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Nathan Arms
10 years ago

It could be Tony and the Tick Tock Dragon.

unkle lancifer
10 years ago

Thanks for that link Nathan! I’ve never heard of that one and it looks crazy!

I love animation combined with live action like that. Trippy stuff!

10 years ago

Of course it looks crazy, it’s Hungarian! (Disclaimer: I am 1/4 Hungarian and can attest to the insanity of Hungarians)

10 years ago

So the movie , about the ewoks was :