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name that trauma

I’m 90% sure my kindertrauma is from a television show. It may very well be GOOSEBUMPS or ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?, but I’ve had no luck finding anything remotely close to what I’m looking for. Here’s what I remember: There are two brothers (twins, I think) who turn into vampires on their 10th or 12th birthday or something, but they don’t know it until the end of the day.

The day it’s supposed to happen, we see the twins go about their daily lives. They wake up in their bunk beds, they eat breakfast, go to school, etc. I can’t remember much except that the whole mis en scene of the show or film is very ‘50’s/early ‘60s Americana. The twins’ mom cooks a huge breakfast, she’s wearing an apron and poofy dress, the whole 9 yards. I remember very pastel colors and the twins being creepily well behaved.

In the last scene, we see the twins get into their bunk beds, except the beds have been replaced with coffins as a birthday present. Mom and Dad stand in the doorway looking on as admiring vampire parents. Totally freaked me out!

Help! It’s been bugging me for years!


name that trauma

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Gordon Jackson
11 years ago

I think that’s “Vampire Breath”, an episode of Goosebumps.

The twins in the story, Cara and Freddy, receive bunk bed coffins at the stroke of midnight when they turn into vampires — and I remember noting that was a major discrepancy between the book and TV adaptation as a kid.