Name That Trauma :: Reader Rodrigo T. on a Town Turned Green

Good morning!

I was wondering if you know the title of a horror movie in the 1980s?

Description: There were a couple student classmates that were in love, but there is a problem. An evil woman that was obsessed with him, but he doesn’t love her, so, the evil woman took in revenge against the girl — killing her, stabbing a knife in her back in the car in front of her boyfriend.

There are more details about that movie. The town was under a curse because the people became greenish skin. The boy cursed her before her girlfriend had died. I remember when he said, “Damn you are!! Damn you are!!” Finally, she laughed with an evil laughing like this “Hahaahhaahah-haahhaahhahaha!!!!!!!!” and then he said, “Oh God someone help me.”

Do you remember that movie? Yes/No?

Please tell me the title of that horror movie.

Also I am not sure but the evil woman was so cute; Caucasian, she had a long black hair, and she dressed in black.

Thanks again,

Rodrigo T.

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Ben Sher
10 years ago

I feel like I am always promoting PROM NIGHT 3: THE LAST KISS around these parts. It sounds like that could be the movie you’re looking for. Here’s the entire thing, in German… The scene that sounds like the one you’re talking about is at 1:31:23.

Brian Katcher
10 years ago

What movie is that hospital scene from?

10 years ago

“What movie is that hospital scene from?”

It’s from the movie “From Beyond”.

Brian Katcher
10 years ago

Lovecraft. I should have known. Thanks.